4 Tips To Help You Find Discount Rugs!

4 Tips To Help You Find Discount Rugs!

Home décor shopping is always really tough no matter what you’re looking for, and this is partly because you’ll simply have so many options whether you’re shopping in-person or online!

A lot of people are very interested in finding Discount Rugs for their home, but of course this is always a lot easier said than done. Everyone wants their home to look and feel great from aesthetic and ambience standpoints, but breaking the bank is many times not an option when it comes to this type of home improvement.

The good news is that we’ve partnered up with the rug industry specialists at Rug Source to support us in creating this list of 4 tips oriented around helping you find discount rugs, so take it from the experts in that these tips will help you find a great deal on your home’s next area rug!

  1. Be As Flexible As You Can

Being flexible within your rug search is our first tip for a reason, because too many rug shoppers look for their next area rug within too narrow of a criteria. You’re always going to have much more trouble finding your next dream rug when you’re only looking for specific colors, styles and even sizes.

When you expand your standards as a rug shopper, you can then start finding some options that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, including even outdoor rug options that could work inside! Being flexible with what exactly you’re looking for will inevitably open up the possibilities to find lower prices!

  • Shop At Discount Stores

There now are countless discount home improvement stores that provide high-quality area rugs at discount prices, and this is a good option when you’re not interested in spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your flooring décor.

Consider going to places like K-Mart, Home Goods, Target, Walmart and Ikea where you can find area rugs as cheap as $20. The odds are that you’ll find a rug that will work for your desired area, and this is partly because a lot of these stores have partnered with great designers.

  • Go To “As-Is” Sections In Furniture Stores

There’s no denying that many furniture stores will have very pricey area rugs within their inventories, however there are some options within these types of in-person outlets that will be more affordable.

“As-is” sections are great places to look for area rugs because these options didn’t necessarily make the cut for the floor because they’re slightly damaged. This type of damage is many times negligible, and they’ll always be significantly marked down. Finding great prices isn’t impossible in “as-is” sections, and you can always call multiple stores to see which ones do in fact have these types of sections.

  • Shop Online Rug Outlets

There are many online rug outlets these days that provide discounted prices on high-quality area rugs, so you don’t necessarily always have to shop at brick-and-mortar locations to find good prices. In fact, you’ll have a lot more options when you know where to look online for area rugs.

Consider options like Rug Source when you’re going through these types of online rug shopping decisions, and you can learn more about their online inventory by clicking through the link at the top of the article!

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