Stainless Steel Wire Ropes

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Do you know wire ropes evolved from chains made of wrought iron? But it had a major flaw that led to mechanical failures. So in today’s modern world, stainless steel has become the ideal material for manufacturing wire ropes.

What Exactly Is A Wire Rope?

A wire rope is a rope that is made of several strands of metal wire. These metal wires are twisted into helixes that form a composite rope, also called laid rope. Stainless steel wire rope comes in different shapes and sizes. Usually, a stainless steel wire ropediameter is more than 9.52 millimetres, with small gauged cords or cables. Stainless steel wire ropehaving a larger diameter often consists of multiple wire strands of laid rope. These laid ropes are in a pattern called cable laid.

Why Is Stainless Steel Preferred For Manufacturing Wire Ropes?

Steel and stainless steel wire ropes are usually made of non-alloy carbon steel. Non-alloy carbon steel has a low carbon content of 0.4 to 0.95 percent, which gives wire ropes their required strength to support tensile forces. Stainless steel as a materialfor wire ropeshas several advantages. Some are listed below:

  • Stainless steel prevents wire ropes from rusting and has heat resistant properties.
  • Stainless steel wire ropes are resistant to corrosion and have high mechanical strength. The varying grades of stainless steel make different grades of wire ropes for different purposes. They make wire ropes resistant to environmental effects and staining.
  • Familiar lustre, ductility, and low maintenance of stainless steel make it ideal for wire ropes and other related applications.

Classification Of Wire Ropes

Wire ropes can be classified based on their usage, that is, for what purpose it will be used and where it will be used. Therefore, wire ropes can be classified into:

●      Wire Rope Slings

This type of wire rope is basically used for harnessing various kinds of goods and items. Tensile forces can stress these slings according to one’s requirement.

●      Track Ropes

Referred to as locked coil ropes can be used as rails for cabin rollers. It can also be used for handling loads in cable cranes or aerial ropeways. Locked coil ropes can resist water and dust.

●      Stationary Ropes

These are often used for suspension and are called cables. They are loaded by fluctuating as well as static tensile stresses. Such wire ropes can be used for elevators, suspension bridges and aerial tramways.

Therefore, premium quality stainless steel wire ropes are used in several heavy industries, including the mining industry, engineering, construction, marine, automobile, manufacturing, and demolition industries. All products are made in keeping with the standards specified by Lifting Equipment Engineering Association (LEEA). All wire ropes undergo tests, and then only they are released in the market. You may follow the practice guidelines provided by LEEA for using wire ropes with safety.

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