How to win real money with online quiz games

How to win real money with online quiz games

Everyone want to earn money and live a lavish life. The money you earn is not enough to carry on your needs and hence there arises a need to look for passive income options. Have you explored the clever strategies for winning online quizzes or contests at any level? What if you could win money, vehicles, or other luxurious prizes just by participating in online quizzes? Oh, my friends, the good news is that all of this is true, and that you, too, may win a variety of rewards, just as so many others have! Now you can easily enjoy playing chess with friends

Create a separate email account

Make a new account before you begin, especially for contest communication of chess online. Entering online tournaments will add more junk mail and advertising emails to your personal mailbox, adding to the congestion. When feasible, opt-out of getting promotional emails from e-quiz portals as soon as possible to prevent being tied to mailing records. However, keep a watch on your winner’s new mailbox as well as any other important news.

Check to see whether you’re qualified to participate.

For maximal challenges to win cash and other rewards, there will be certain qualifying requirements. Some may have age restrictions, while others may have nationality restrictions. Read the terms and conditions of eligibility for GK-based quizzes and submission contests with extra caution, since they are more stringent.

Make a request

When you play the online quiz contest, your primary priority should be managed and organised. Make a list of the sweepstakes you wish to enter or those for which you have a prediction. Make a detailed list of the rewards you wish to win, and be diligent in your search for competitions that offer such prizes.

Play Chess with Others

Practice is the second most crucial stage in improving your chess skills. The most common blunder made by amateur players is to believe that practising online chess is sufficient. Online chess can serve as a temporary substitute for traditional chess. A true face-to-face competition, on the other hand, is required to completely concentrate on the game and perform at your best.

Even when playing practise matches, the value gained from over-the-board games cannot be matched to that gained via online chess. There are no GMs and IMs who rose to prominence through internet chess. They play online for entertainment rather than serious training. Always pick over-the-board if you want to get the most out of your practise matches! That’s all there is to it.

Be good with google

You’ll want to put in a bit of practice on the search engine to beat the 10-second timer, as the ask-me-anything shows.

The experts picked up a lot of tips along the way – one the one, many pass on is using the word ‘origin’ while googling. Many, many questions concentrate on how a business or a term or a vacation came into being, and I’ve found that using ‘origin’ always generates the prominent box in the search results the address the question directly.

Using a keyboard is also possibly easier than using a phone screen-so get your smartphone set up for game time next to your laptop.

Examine all of your setbacks.

One of the most significant components of improving in chess is analysing lost games. Many amateur players would rather either not study their games at all or only focus on the wins. Unfortunately, we cannot learn from the mistakes of others.

We learn the most from our own experiences. It’s 1000 times more effective to touch a hot plate once and get burned than it is to be informed 100 times that touching a hot plate is bad. It operates the same way in chess. You’ll be wary and avoid future mishaps if you miss a back rank mate once or twice.

By studying your lost games, you’ll be able to figure out what went wrong and do everything you can to prevent it from occurring again in the future.

Participate in contests that are based on questions.

Prioritize contests using a question-based style, where the competitor must answer a few questions based on GK in order to win. In general, challenges that need more thought to enter will receive fewer traffic, increasing the odds of winning. You might be able to get a nice run on the 12 questions with a little practise and luck, but it’s all too easy to get caught up in the brutal questions.

Grandmaster Games should be studied.

What are the benefits of studying grandmaster games? Analyzing the games of highly strong players teaches you a lot of concepts and strategies that are nearly hard to find on your own.

When reviewing the GM games, there are a few factors to bear in mind. First and foremost, you should examine well-annotated games and try to comprehend why certain moves were made. Take a proactive approach to the game. Put yourself in the shoes of the player, identify all dangers, devise a strategy, and then compare your findings and analyses to what transpired in the game.

Make Good Use of Technology

Chess technology nowadays is incredible. World Champions can be readily defeated by certain motors. Software exists that stores millions of chess games dating back to the 1200s. There are systems that can analyse games for you in order to assist you figure out what went wrong and when it happened. This technique is responsible for the production of 12- and 13-year-old GMs, which would have seemed unthinkable 20-30 years ago. Technology, on the other hand, will not help you. It isn’t a replacement for hard effort.

Many chess players cut corners by analysing their games exclusively with computers, obviating the need for human intervention. You won’t be able to figure out why such errors were committed with the aid of a machine.


At the national level, there are various quiz tournaments with large cash prizes. Aside from this, there are a slew of quiz events taking place at various institutions around the country, with huge cash prizes. Come to live trivia game shows, and they will pay you a large sum of money for that specific game, which will be divided between no winners. The prize money is determined by the number of winners in the game.

In addition to this one-of-a-kind online quiz competition, online gaming companies typically provide a variety of other quizzes in which you may either practise or compete for cash or gift cards. Keep an eye on this place to ensure you don’t miss out!!

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