Is your shredded cheese processed junk or is it actually real cheese?

Is your shredded cheese processed junk or is it actually real cheese?

Cheese is one of the most popular and loved ingredients all over the world. At most restaurants there will always be at least one cheesy dish on the menu, as cheese can turn any average dish into a super delicious dish.

With the popularity of cheese, various types of cheese are available on the market and among them, one of the most commonly used cheese is shredded cheese.

Shredded cheese is generally used as a topping or an ingredient to mix in with other ingredients. Some of the most common uses of shredded cheese is in salads, sandwiches, pizza, lasagne, and many other cheesy dishes. You can get many different varieties of shredded cheese made from cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan, and Swiss. Among all the varieties, the most popular is all of the blended varieties, where two or more different kinds of cheese are shredded and combined in one package such as Mexi Shred cheese: a delicious blend of four types of cheese.

However, for many people who aren’t in the restaurant industry, there is the myth that shredded cheese that comes in a packet, is not actually made from real cheese, but rather a bunch of processed junk.

Is it true? Is shredded cheese not real cheese? The simple answer to this question is, No.  Shredded cheese that comes in packets and is delivered to restaurants is real cheese.

However, the manufacturer does add preservatives into the cheese to improve its shelf life, keep it fresh and prevent it from clumping in the packet before the restaurants use it.

But why do people think that shredded cheese is not real cheese? It is likely that this is where the myth originated. So, let’s discuss.

It doesn’t clump

A store-bought shredded cheese looks lovely in colour and doesn’t clump, unlike homemade shredded cheese, which always clumps. This might create doubt for some people that readymade shredded cheese is not real cheese.

However, the fact is that shredded cheese sold in stores contains potato starch and natamycin, and powdered cellulose. Potato starch prevents the shredded cheese from clumping. Natamycin is an anti-mould agent which prevents shredded cheese from moulding. So, shredded cheese is a natural cheese with some extra ingredients to maintain its shape and texture.

Not knowing the meaning of processing

Generally, when we find something unnatural in our food, we assume it’s processed. It’s the same with cheese. Processed cheese doesn’t mean artificial cheese; when cheese is labelled as processed it means that it is not 100% natural cheese and is therefore called processed cheese. They contain no less than 50% real cheese and then are mixed with other non-cheese ingredients.

However, most shredded cheeses are made from real cheese; regular cheese is grated to make shredded cheese. So, if you think shredded cheese is processed cheese, then you are wrong.

Purchasing low-quality shredded cheese

When you buy cheaper things, you can’t expect them to be high-quality, and it’s the same with shredded cheese; not all store-bought cheese is 100% natural and delicious. Before you assume all the shredded cheese are the same, research about the product, review, and buy shredded cheese only from a reputable manufacturer/supplier.

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