Learnings from the Pandemic to Build a better future

Learnings from the Pandemic to Build a better future

The pandemic of COVID-19 has been one of the worst situations in the world history. Health, economy, and social issues are at their worst phase in almost every country. While the health workers are working hard for it day and night, the public servants are risking their own lives to save ours, we should also be supportive of them in our own way. The virus is negligible in its size but it has made the whole world a puppet. It has also taught us a lot of things that we were somehow ignoring previously. May be we were so selfish for our living, luxury, and desires that we forgot this world belongs to a lot of other creatures too. We forgot about nature and its power. Probably, this disease is a way nature is trying to teach us something. So, it is time we should learn from our own mistakes and try not to repeat it further.

Although there are many negative outcomes of this pandemic, there are also some vital learning points that we can apply in our lives to build a better society.


This disease knows no discrimination. It doesn’t differentiate between Rich- poor; Men- women, between religions or countries and borders. For this virus, everyone is one and equal. It just infects the host cells and invades our body to make us fall sick. Also, during this pandemic, we have seen many cases in our society and even in the entire world that most of us forgot about our own but supported and prayed for others, even for them who we don’t recognize. After all, it is about humanity.

Stay healthy, stay hygienic:

Washing hands will not only keep Coronavirus away but also it will keep most of the diseases away that are fatal. Maintaining hygiene can actually keep us healthy and change our lifestyle. Everyone kept telling us to keep surrounding Swachh. But it took us a pandemic disease to understand its meaning. So it is the right time we should take a pledge to keep ourselves and the surrounding clean and safe.

Don’t take anyone for granted- especially, your elders:

There is no need to explain this as we have seen many elderly people getting affected the most by this virus. If we previously gave an excuse to meet them or talk to them, then we can do it now. This disease is conveying a direct message to all of us to love, respect, and spend some more time with our parents and grandparents. After all, it is not too much to do, right?

Family is everything

What have you learned from your quarantine time? What have you observed from the days of Work From Home? Haven’t we all realized that it’s not all about the job, and not all about hanging out with outsiders and party on the weekends. We were so lost in our social lives that our personal lives and family were ignored. But this lockdown has taught us how important and how beautiful it is to spend quality time with our family.

Value for each life

Millions of people are hospitalized and many have lost their lives due to this deadly disease. We have seen death from so close that nowadays we pray for everyone to be safe, no matter if they are known to us or just a stranger. We have now understood the value of life, and learned to respect each and everyone around us.

Don’t take anything for granted- Learn to Save!

From personal savings to the consumption of global resources, social and natural resources, we should not take anything for granted. This disease leaves us a message to save our own and this earth’s resources too. Use, but don’t misuse.

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