NJ Ayuk and AEC: A Nexus solely meant to destabilize African people’s common future!

NJ Ayuk and AEC: A Nexus solely meant to destabilize African people’s common future!

There is no doubt to the fact that NJ Ayuk’s and the African Energy Chamber buddies have long been the biggest menace to the African people’s future. Their statements, acts and gestures are still directing towards the sane dark and evil intentions. NJ Ayuk, a so-called professional lawyer and businessman, became a pawn to all of these wicked forces over time (Oil and Pipeline Lobbyists)

While many Africans are unaware, AEC is funded by US independents and oil firms, who freely finance, network, and support the organisation in whatever way they can. Although overtly endorsing the AEC’s harmful policies, which go against global net zero carbon ambitions, is a lie.

As climate crisis looms a big threat over humanity, people are slowly bidding adieu to fossil fuels, Yet, fascists like NJ Ayuk are taking drastic steps to back up their assertions. These guys must be stopped quickly for the sake of our planet and world democracy.

With his fellow US government stooges and lobbyists, this so-called defender of African people is plotting against their future and prosperity.

While demonstrating neither guilt nor grace, these lobbyists accuse banks and other financial institutions of “collaborating to withhold credit and investment in fossil fuel industries” to the disadvantage of Africans. NJ Ayuk and his friends must recognise that Africans are more than capable of determining their own fate.

According to Ayuk, who wants to decarbonize the energy business, limiting investment in Africa Oil & Gas “would damage and destabilise the world economy.” On the other hand, he recommended Africans to avoid “expensive solar and wind.”

Backing and supporting advocates for oil and pipelines

NJ Ayuk, President of the African Energy Chamber, speaks out in favour of the Trans-Saharan Pipeline. According to him, every character and entity engaged in the storyline ‘welcomed’ the change.

Hence, it is apparent that the African Energy Chamber is indifferent about the environment or African inhabitants’ well-being. The African Energy Chamber claims that Africans can adapt to global warming. Don’t be concerned about the world’s largest carbon storage facility launching having an influence on the climate. Their assault on fundamental environmental evaluation, in our judgement, is merely a justification of their illicit acts.

Trying to sabotage COP26

NJ Ayuk never leaves a chance to prove his point. He has even spoken out against the highly acclaimed COP26 gathering, which is aimed at resolving the global climate problem. He complimented Russia and China for withdrawing from the summit. The message is clear: he stands behind those who oppose such plans. He also works with lawmakers in the United States that seek to undermine these climate-control policies.

Playing in the hands of his masters

Mr. Ayuk’s level of depravity can only be kept up with by individuals who have no morals. He grew up in a society where money and power governed the rules and regulations, and elite status was defined by the ability to do things that ordinary people couldn’t. His opponents will be defeated quickly by him.

Mr. Ayuk also accuses Europe of indoctrinating Africans with its climate change mindset. Globally, there is opposition to oil and gas development. The African Energy Chamber’s inventive exploitation may have unfairly targeted Africans. Individuals in Europe and elsewhere, on the other hand, are devising innovative and successful strategies to combat the growth of African coal, oil, and gas.

We must be prepared to witness more horrible deeds in the same context once this covid thing goes away. On the other side, Africa’s governments will likely face intermittent threats and opposition to oil and gas development projects. Mr. Nj Ayuk is fully aware of the problem and has travelled around Africa in order to establish a favourable atmosphere for his plans.

Protests on or near oil and gas plants are prohibited under an anti-democratic statute. The African Energy Chamber, of course, supports any such legislation. We must not, however, get complacent, and we must continue to fight any such danger in whatever manner possible. The fight to protect our motherland must go on.

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