Small organisations: Critical Investments in HR solutions

Every small organisation tend to reduce costs and inbuilt inefficiencies, a part of it tends to possess a significant and effective HR department. This brings out another problem present in the organisation, absence of effective HR solutions in order to promote and support HR issues and improve productivity for reasons of short term cost saving aims. This becomes more prevalent as employees tend to be more unsatisfactory and leads to fall in morale and productivity as tasks pile up well beyond the employee’s effectiveness. This will lead these organisations to tend towards short term gains than a long term perspective towards sustainable growth. Thereby crucial HR solutions become more a necessity than merely want in any organisation.

It becomes more paramount as having available HR solutions not just acting as a band-aid, and more important as to the right HR solutions to be used, thereby enabling the right investment on it. It becomes an essential question as to where the necessary investments are to be provided in which domain. To answer that, specific requirements have been pointed out. online whiteboard tool

An HR software – a Swiss knife solution

It becomes evident that the impossibility of any HR personal to handle all aspects of HR processes without bringing errors and inefficiencies into the system. The HR resources become more stressed as vast amount of data had to be processed and stored for future access along with tracking various regular reports that go in hand with it. To bring order to this chaos, a HRM software is requirement which brings more discipline without the previous errors present.

An HRM software would help in all domains of the employee’s environment such as security and privacy to the employee’s personal information, payroll structure, contributions and benefits records, attendance etc. An HR software would be a game-changer as streamlining and organising all data records become more efficient leading towards informed decision making for the management to allocate required resources and improve productivity and sustainable growth.

Performance tracking and effective management

Mere annual performance reviews are insufficient and ineffective from its basic level. It does not give a proper picture on the performance and capabilities of each employee and leads towards bias in the workforce. Thereby tracking of each contribution and credit becomes more difficult as the workforce becomes more evolved and updated.

Thereby a Performance management tool becomes more important to the arsenal of the HR department, as the ability to better track the individual employee’s performance and contribution become more effective in deploying hidden talent within the employee and provide corrective measures to the respective individual’s shortcomings and the required tool to collectively determine the changes in the productivity and efficiencies as displayed by the workforce in the respective organisation, without breaking the system and providing detailed information required by the management.

Recruitment tools – a tedious but necessary process

Employees are the bedrock of any organisation. To find the required talent and attitude for a particular position is crucial and sometimes a deadly process. Arbitrary requirement tends to dissuade promising candidates from applying for the position and the organisations always tend to spend more on finding the right person. This becomes crucial as the unavailability of any recruitment management tool in order to streamline and effectively executive the desired processes.

A recruitment solution becomes the right tool to search and hunt for the right candidate while advertising the necessary academic and experience requirements and match the requirement with the available talent becomes a powerful option with the process being done automatically in an effective manner.

Payroll Software

Any apparatus dealing with money is not an unimportant task. It is more crucial as it relates to payroll and benefits to the individual employee as it is tied with morale and productivity. Payroll software provides the automated process of tying the time and attendance with contributions to effectively value the employee’s work without any inbuilt and on process errors. This builds speed and performance into the company without adversely affecting the employee’s productivity and morale. This software can easily measure and correlate the time structure with the necessary compensation.

User-friendly process

A portal which is user friendly and self-service oriented tends to make the employees be in control of that data while providing the right security and privacy to that employee. Updating their respective data into their personal dossiers becomes more systemised and easier to do with things like personal addresses, contact details, payroll structure, availed benefits, and contributed man-hours. This will help your HR save time and work on building strategies to help the business.

Since the employee is in control and has continuous access to their personal information, it becomes easier to raise issues in inconsistencies and on process errors with their respective HR personnel.

Feedback system

Feedback is always a good tool for the organisation to regularly determine the extent and impact of their decisions without compromising privacy. It is a sign of good work culture as feedback plays a vital tool for efficiency and productivity. This brings out the inconstancies and unknown aspects of the impact of those management decisions and supporting an effective work environment.

Regular and continuous feedback processes built inside a HR solution becomes an effective mechanism in order to use simple procedures like surveys and questionnaires to convey the employee view to the management in a continuous manner and not arbitrary means which has perceived biases involved in it. 

Credit and recognition

A key aspect of employee relations is the ability to recognise ability and contributions in order to boost employee loyalty. Recognition is a key aspect as talent and hard work is given due respect.  Not recognising talent and effort and implementing arbitrary standards to measure contribution is bound to be disastrous and lead to employees abandoning the workplace. A huge problem is when hiring is used to cover attrition rates, the cost of maintaining employee performance in that company’s perspective increases exponentially.  

This brings the importance of an effective recognition tool is be a need and not a want. Simple effective methods do exist but are not effective and practical when used in a standalone basis, but incorporated into an effective recognition tool becomes exponentially effective. This will build up loyalty and reduces attrition while giving the right impetus for any promising candidates to prefer this company as a dream company.


Any small organisation has to think hard on the effectiveness and aspect of user-friendly nature seen in any HR solution, but it is a tool which can turn the tables towards a positive spin.   But it is also important to have the right HR solution and not any solution as a patch up. The company should develop a long term vision to develop its employees more organically in their skills and bring out their hidden talent with the right choice of an HR solution.

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