The 6 advantages of a wooden garden shed

The 6 advantages of a wooden garden shed

The wooden garden sheds, in addition to the qualities specific to the material such as durability, insulation, ecological aspect, offer appreciable advantages in terms of aesthetics and adaptability. This warm material immediately gives a little cabin air in Canada to the smallest shelter!

1- Ecological

Many garden shed builders use wood from sustainably managed forests, which constantly renew the trees they harvest there. You must pay attention, when purchasing your garden shed to the PEFC label which is a forest certification. Wood transformation is a clean transformation and uses little energy. Everything is usable, so no waste. In addition, since wood is biodegradable and recyclable, it will disappear completely if it is left to the elements. And it will serve as a source of energy if burned. This material releases little CO2 and on the contrary stores it (until its destruction of course).

2- Resistant

Properly maintained, the wood is extremely robust and will last over time. Some wooden buildings were built several centuries ago. You only need to treat the interior and exterior walls, depending on whether the shelter is autoclave or not. This material, more or less dense depending on the species, generally has a very high level of resistance. Best Garden Sheds

The pine is less recommended for outdoor use, unless it is autoclave treated, which is made possible by precisely permeability and putrescibility. On the other hand, it is not very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, which makes it fairly stable. Once treated in an autoclave, pine is therefore a wise choice for this type of construction.

The spruce is slightly permeable, and thereby less putrescible many other species, and it is resistant to bending and shrinking. Contrary to the general idea, a wooden building does not burn faster than another, its combustion is slow and moreover it does not emit dangerous gases.

3- Insulator

The Nordic countries have a great tradition of building wooden houses, showing that it is one of the best materials to protect from the cold. Super insulating, it displays a low thermal conductivity. If your garden shed is used to winter your frost plants, they will be more protected in a wooden shed. Being more water repellent, wood will regulate the humidity level, absorbing humidity when its rate is too high, releasing it when the air is too dry, which your plants will particularly appreciate!!

4- Aesthetics

Warm, naturally adapting to any garden decor, a wooden shelter can also be folded to all your fantasies of colors and style. Paint it in a sober color in a contemporary garden or with multicolored sections in a bohemian garden, everything will suit him, and if you get bored, a stroke of paint will reconcile you. Its location will also contribute greatly to its aesthetics. Near a flower bed, at the edge of a swimming pool, it will lend itself to idleness or leisure, it will rather be placed in a very accessible, graveled place, in the case of a workshop or a storage place. You will be able to create an alley which will spontaneously guide the visitor there, to highlight it, and install lighting.

5- Versatile

The interior layout of your garden shed will be much simpler than with a resin or metal shelter, which will allow you a much wider range of uses. You can arrange it completely as you wish, unlike a resin or metal shelter. If your shelter is used as storage space or workshop or local gardening, you can attach all the hooks necessary to hang your tools and thus free up the work space, install shelves to keep out of reach of children the dangerous products, Due to its flexibility and aesthetics, the use of a wooden garden shed is not limited to storage or gardening, it can be transformed into a real living room. The good insulation it provides also allows the installation of heating or air conditioning.

6- Practice

A good garden shed allows you to protect garden tools from bad weather, to store bikes, skis and other bulky objects, to dry your wood quietly, but the realization of a DIY workshop is always useful and the possibility of gardening sheltered from the rain is quite pleasant!! Having an additional room is a significant asset: extra bedroom, office or playroom, kitchen or summer living room, office, workshop, room to relax, according to your needs or your desires, are easily achievable in a shelter wooden garden of good size.

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