The Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Special Ladies

The Best Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Special Ladies

Valentine’s day is globally recognised as a day to celebrate love and affection. But this is somehow misconceived for lovers only, and this leaves out mothers, sisters, friends, and relatives. Being a loving and caring person is not only about the romantic gestures towards your wife or girlfriend but how you care for your special ladies. While most of the gifts for Valentine’s day have a romantic theme around them, you must consider gifts that will not send mixed emotions to women other than your wife or girlfriend. Online gift stores are one of the best resorts where you can avail exclusive Valentine Day gifts to suit your perfect offering. And you can take your pick from creative and personalised gifts such as chocolates, plant vase, and many more. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share the best Valentine’s gift ideas for your special ladies.

VDay gift ideas for girlfriend

Indoor Plants

Whether your relationship is in the early stages or you have been seeing each other for a considerable time, you need to keep your ship floating. Indoor plants for Valentine’s gift will create a refreshing aura of unique flowers to spread the positive vibes. You can gift her with a money plant, lucky bamboo plant, rose plant, peace lily plant, and many others. To find the ideal plant for your love, you can check local and online florists. And you can also make the plant gift extraordinary with personalisations like engraving the vase with a love message or going with the Groot character among various other options offered by plant stores.

Personalised Cushion

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to exhibit your own creativity through a gift. A personalised cushion is one of them, and you do not have to go with the standard cushions available in bedding shops. But with a picture of your girlfriend and a romantic Valentine’s message on the cushion, you will always be in her mind whenever she goes to bed.


Your beautiful angel sent from heaven is like a fresh breath of air, isn’t it? But, does she know? Then Valentine’s day the perfect time to let her know with a lovely fragrance of a perfume. All you need to do is pick her favourite perfume for your Valentine’s offering. You can also write down a lovely message about how she makes you feel on a gift card and surprise her.

Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife

12 Red Roses

What makes Valentine’s day special is that the week leading up to the day is – the week of love. This puts you in a position to amaze your wife with romantic gestures. You can start the week with 12 fresh and beautifully scented red roses. You can take the flowers home by yourself or organise home delivery to catch her by surprise.


Valentine’s day gives you the opportunity to spruce up your wife’s jewellery collection. You can gift her personalised jewellery items that say out loud how much you love her and are willing to go for her happiness. When buying jewellery or any other stuff for your wife, it is essential to take into consideration her taste and preference.


The day of love is complete with a romantic sensation. So spice up the vibe with a sexy lingerie gift for the woman of your life, this will take your love and romance to a whole new level. You can gift her with red or her favourite colour lingerie.

VDay gifts idea for your mother or sister

Cosmetic Bag

A cosmetic bag is one of the perfect gifts for women. You can surprise your mother on Valentine’s day with a cosmetic bag to store her essentials. And you can also have the bag customised with her name, initials, or a message.

Universal Valentine’s gifts

While some of the gifts mentioned above can be gifted to any woman in your life, it is essential that you go with universal gifts such as cakes, sweets, and flowers.


A cake is one of the most common gifts off all-time, they are common for events and occasions. But you need to have a cake that suits the person and occasion. Cakes are universal with their flexibility to customisations from flavour, colour, ingredients, to design. You can take your pick from various types of cakes such as chocolate, red velvet, butterscotch, vanilla, apple, fruit, and many more! So whether you are in Lucknow with your loved ones or not, you can organise online cake delivery in Lucknow and many other cities in India, for your Valentine’s gifting via any reputed bakery.


If your special lady is a sweet tooth person, then sweet treats are the next best thing for Valentine’s gifting. You can take your pick from varieties of chocolates such as Cadbury, Kit Kat, Kisses, Oreo, and Ferrero Roche. You can also go with the heart-shaped chocolates and personalised chocolate wrap too. 


Flowers are the best way to express your feelings and emotions. There is a wide range of flowers from which you can choose from like red roses, yellow roses, and peace lily, to mention but a few. You can also send a mixed bunch of Valentine blooms  and have them nicely arranged in a box or matching wrap.

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