The Curious case of African Energy Chamber and NJ Ayuk : Two of the major obstacles in Africa’s quest towards Green energy !

The Curious case of African Energy Chamber and NJ Ayuk : Two of the major obstacles in Africa’s quest towards Green energy !

A lot has been said and discussed about the after effects of covid -19 pandemic crises. Yet, when it comes to African governments and their efforts to minimize the utilization of fuels, on their way to a Green New Deal, the pandemic did turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

The government could’ve easily cashed on the opportunity while strengthening the respective economies alongside. As this could’ve been a real probability, NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group and the African Energy Chamber came up with a whole different plan.

The crisis proved that the Oil and gas industry stands as a non-sustainable source of employment for all of the African workers. Moreover, the ever changing oil prices ( on top of decreased industrial output)  has literally worked as a salt on wounds of these already struggling workers.

The workers were infused with a belief that CEOs and shareholders (that only works towards profit making) would not come up with some stern efforts to create more employment opportunities. So, the need of a proper analysis and approach to balance out between employment creation and quest to save the environment is quite evident.

This is where NJ ayuk and his grimy tricks are coming up as the biggest obstruction in the same direction. By any chance, if NJ Ayuk would still be a citizen of United States of America, he would’ve surely be putting all his efforts to be the President of the National Refile Association, the Tea party or the US Chamber of Commerce.

He won’t mind keeping up against the Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, the International Energy Agency and any institution that won’t back the use of Fossil Fuels. As a general rule, NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group and the Chairman of the African Energy Chamber, as indicated by the subtleties equipped by charge filings, grabbed around $3,000,000 in commission by self-assertive oil and gas firms, LNG Suppliers, Private Banks, investment banks and different monetary firms.

He is yet to unveil the insights regarding the monetary benefits secured from the very African governments that he rebukes for not enduring Capitalism, pro Zionist and pro Oil propagandas.

In any event, when you attempt to contact any random associate of Mr Ayuk, you will become acquainted with the messy experiences of the whole nexus. You will hear words like “don’t allow them to steal your future” ,”Government legislators actually remains as the main issues in Africa” and not the corporate individual stakes he gloats about. He strongly pushes Nigerian oil merchants to acquire certain handy deals for crude oil supply against Geneva based firms.

Even when we made an attempt to get in touch with Mr Ayuk for a random meeting while pointing towards the inquiries we had for him, he simply laughed and said, ” I revel in your hatred because if I weren’t effective, you wouldn’t hate me so please make my day and proceed with your stupid article. I love Africa and I love Oil and Gas “.

Cashing on media’s attention for his personal stakes!

Mr Ayuk doesn’t appear as a Pan African energy diplomat. He is a fraud who discharges his intentions from media’s shoulders right like the Americans. You may know him as a great orator who will fantasize talking about Africans and their close affair with oil and gas firms, while completely denying about the possibilities of green energy.

He attempts to disregard communism and considers it as the main motivation for the vast majority of the issues inside the African territory. Mr Ayuk has totally given up himself and Africans to the oil and gas industry, and they couldn’t have requested a greater name to promote their evil acts. His efforts while calling energy poverty as an age old thing is quite disturbing and a very much appears to be an arranged ploy against the Global environment action plan.

South Africa’s African National Congress has corruptly managed the Covid emergency. Africa Oil Week chose to move to Dubai which is more secure than South Africa or any African country. Mr Ayuk really stood clung to his hardball methods. He went on with his messy tactics of allowing Africa Oil Week to go to Dubai. He also arranged a conference including some enormous names from the Oil and gas sector in Africa in relationship with African Energy Chamber.

 The gathering was named as African Energy Week and conflicted with London based Hyve Group and its African Oil Week show. The meeting just elaborates conversations in regards to oil and gas industry, while leaving each point with respect to clean energy to the side.

The majority of the African Ministers didn’t make it to the Dubai meeting. On the off chance that a Minister did, Mr Ayuk would’ve connected with their bosses while utilizing his impact.

Rising up to absence of sponsorship deals from the financial sector, he depends on his hardball strategies. He undermines the financial sector while criticizing them for not financing African fossil fuels. Moreover, he regularly faults them to not putting forth an attempt to recognize the issues. That is his whole reasoning. The AEC simply needs cash from them and they need it on a quick basis

He likewise questions the fundamental aids to Africa and draw similitude with the Guyanese corporate pioneer Jim Jones who gave individuals kool aid with cyanide in it. How nauseating that is. For what reason would he be so steady of this Capitalist story that is no place in the normal interests of the Africans?

Keeping away from condemning Trump and Big Oil Companies!

The African Energy Chamber has surely pooled in some large money towards Trump and Biden lobbyist in America to manipulate decisions that may affect the African Oil Industry. Obviously Mr Ayuk and the Oil and Gas industry are upset and he even used Trump crusade staff people to work for him as his assistants. This move made internal contentions in the African Energy Chamber as he declined to condemn Donald Trump. He even told his associates that “that is America’s internal issue.

The AEC won’t be secured with America’s inner matters while being disparaging of the President” said Ayuk. ” we work with Biden, we work with Trump, we work with Exxon, we work with Chevron, we work with Google and Apple as long as they need to help autonomous economies and private entities in Africa” added Ayuk. Agents like Samantha Roux, Mickael Vogel, Mandisa Nduli and Zwelahke Gila have effectively walked out on him. You may feel that he will pull out from his biased stand and oppose Donald Trump.

However he irreverently will not apologize and rather pound his chest for his abhorrent expectations. His old partners like Guillaume Doane and Declan Byrne also ended their associations with Mr Ayuk and the African Energy Chamber. Mr Ayuk proceeds to deny and strongly keeps any judgment from getting the Oil and Gas industry. He definitely doesn’t need the clean energy component to make its way into the African economies.

The majority of the Ecological aficionados and likeminded people should realize that he actually remains as the most unprincipled man in Africa. He has an insane capacity to impact any investigation and research in this regards. Don’t let his appeal, smiles and fascination trick you. The African Energy Chamber has lost its ethical position and it needs to carry all endeavors imaginable to make Mr Ayuk leave. This Organization with an ethical group supporting Africa ought not to be driven by Mr Ayuk and his corrupt partners in South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, and Texas.

Exactly when Coronavirus has arisen as a worldwide epidemic, instead of pushing the Oil and Gas industry to help Africa, Ayuk requested an aid for oil and gas industry alongside certain tax rebates. Precisely when Africans are anticipating support from World Bank and IMF, Ayuk was pushing  for a tax reduction and unduly rebates for Oil and Gas affiliations. He even said, “While the Chamber believes that market forces need to determine the industry’s future and advocates for limited government across the industry, the time calls for urgent actions.

We cannot let our companies and industry collapse for the fear of losing jobs and investments that would sustain our economies for decades to come. It is worth bearing in mind, that activity in and income from Africa’s energy sector generates significant amount of demand and services from other non-oil and gas sectors of the economy”

“Key measures among the Africa’s Commonsense Energy Agenda delivered today are the augmentation of PSCs and work program changes in accordance with support investigation and guarantee the resumption of boring exercises. While investigation is a significant piece of our Call to Action, the Chamber likewise unequivocally advocates for charge help on administrations organizations, changes of upstream monetary systems, banking and monetary help, local substance advancement, motivations to framework ventures, and striking activities on eliminating fuel sponsorships”. He further added. This is the way he goes towards his business interests without having any thoughts about the common interests of the African public.

And the story just doesn’t ends here!

He isn’t the lone fish in these filthy waters and you may discover individuals around who can go any mile while echoing his inclinations. He pummeled Equatorial Guinea’s blogger Delfin Mocache Massoko, who set out to examine his pal Gabriel Obiang Lima. Mocache never thought about the trick against him and Ayuk just went with his full eforts to disparage his endeavors.

Indeed, even Mocache didn’t come up with a clean image and his dad ended up being a crucial part of the corrupt Equatorial Guinea government and had purportedly gotten money to join the nation’s oppression while acting as a Minister. It is affirmed that Mocache struck an arrangement for his dad to get a stake in the recently elected government. Ayuk found about it because of his close connections inside the Equatorial Guinea security and political fraternity.

NJ Ayuk isn’t a Pan Africanist at all !

You can easily lists down a number of Europeans and Americans than Africans in his group. Seeing that, we can certainly say that he doesn’t hold any emotions or affection towards the Africans. He usually use improper words and foul language in every one of the meetings and even around the workplace. If you are German and white, you won’t face any issues while working with him. Simply sneak through Ayuk’s German lieutenant, Sebastian Wagner who is known for tossing upsetting remarks to any individual who refuses to go by the instructions of Mr Ayuk or Zion Adeoye, the Director of the firm.

The overall working of the African Energy Chamber and Mr Ayuk is clashing with the pre-requisites of social values and general health, the Paris Agreement, and the objective of getting the global temperatures from ascending past 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The pandemic has pushed through to an essential point that only leaves two remarkable ways for the Oil controversy to end. There’s the standard way, where we are so overwhelmed by the fiascoes achieved by our oil dependence—disturbances in the sorts of war, political rivalries, and the environment calamities of floods, quickly spreading fires, droughts, hurricanes, and pandemics—where we can’t do much with oil.

Also, there is a more purposeful, astute way, one that recognizes worth and authenticity. In the event that we take that course, the end of the oil and gas era in Africa would come up in the best interests of the African people.

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