Use Your Facilities And Space More Effectively. Why Your Business Needs A Paint Mixing Room To Enhance Productivity

Use Your Facilities And Space More Effectively. Why Your Business Needs A Paint Mixing Room To Enhance Productivity

A common feature you’re likely to find in any industrial or manufacturing facility is a spray booth. Whether you’re integrating spray booths into your production line, or have a standalone booth, you’re likely to need an additional location to store, mix, and prepare your paints. In order to take full advantage of your facility and its productivity, it’s recommended to have a paint mixing room that has been manufactured specifically for you. This has a number of benefits that’ll not only boost productivity, but quality and convenience for your facility and workers. Here are some of the benefits of having your own bespoke mixing room, and how it’ll enhance your businesses overall productivity in the long run.

Our paint rooms can be designed and custom-made to fit into your specific requirements and are compliant with your industry’s safety standards. They provide your operators with a safe and clean working environment, by storing, decanting and mixing your industry paints and solvents. By introducing a paint mix room into your facilities, you provide a practical, convenient, controlled environment for your paints. This acts as a preventative method for any contaminates that could enter your paints, such as dust, debris, and foreign substances.

Paint mixing rooms are also important to spray booths as they provide a greater control of your facility environment, utilising your space more effectively. Not only this, but it greatly enhances job site safety. By keeping large volumes of highly flammable substances in their own contained environment, you prevent any potential hazards, and meet OH&S standards. As your paints give off harmful fumes, you’ll want to be certain your staff are wearing the proper safety equipment when handling these substances. With the addition of a paint mixing room, our ventilation feature ensures these rooms are work safe for your job sites.

Another important feature of having a paint mixing room, is its storage and mixing capacity. Our rooms give you the option of heated or cooled air supply, so you can manage the air temperature. This ensures your facility operates at its best, supporting your paints in the optimum environment for peak performance. It also declutters your facility, having a devoted space for your paint materials. This enables you to take better advantage of your remaining space for other operations.

Not only does it create all the benefits listed above, but it also complies with all Australian and New Zealand safety standards. This means, your business doesn’t have to worry about particular rules, regulations and policies surrounding paint preservation and storage. While also complying with OH&S procedures, it allows you to rest easy knowing all the safe and appropriate steps are being taken to ensure workplace safety.

All in all, these features enhance your business and facilities overall productivity. By having all your supplies, equipment and gear in one centralised location, your operations can run smoothly. With the increased organisation and convenience, a paint mixing room offers, it subsequently reduces counterproductive labour and unnecessary costs on your business.

At DRYSYS Spray-Cure, we offer both industrial and automotive paint mixing rooms. Our industrial paint mixing rooms can be designed and manufactured as a stand-alone room, or combined with your existing facility’s spray booth. Our automotive paint mixing rooms are highly customisable, meeting your re-finishing or manufacturing needs. Most importantly, our products are manufactured to provide safe working environments for your employees. After all, productivity not only comes from your facility’s equipment, but the capacity of your employees.

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