Using Electronic Bill Payment Services to Make Happy Customers

Using Electronic Bill Payment Services to Make Happy Customers

When it comes to paying bills in 2020 it’s safe to say that the large majority of customers expect an electronic bill paying option, meaning adopting Electronic Bill Payment Services is a necessity for organizations looking to provide a satisfactory customer experience.  

Shifting Customer Expectations 

As the general consumer base becomes increasingly tech-savvy, businesses that adapt and provide customers with electronic tools will be preferred to those that rely solely on traditional methods of business.

Traditionally, the older portion of the population is much less comfortable with using electronic solutions for payment and are much more accustomed to, and likely to use, paper or analog methods. However, as electronic payments become demystified, more and more consumers understand that their sensitive data is protected (assuming they are taking precautions). 

Electronic Bill Payment Services will allow you to do just this, as well as being cost-effective, and providing security and convenience for your customers.


Electronic Bill Payment Services save money, labor, and time.  Switching paper to electronic solutions save you money with every transaction, and accepting and processing paper checks can add a huge amount to a business’ bottom-line, 


Electronic solutions are simply more convenient for the customer and the organization. Electronic Bill Payment Services (EBPP) eliminate the need for checkbooks, stamps, and mailing, instead allowing a customer to click onto an organization’s website, and search for their invoice. After payment is confirmed, a receipt is instantly emailed to the customer. The payment is processed automatically on the business end of things, without any employee intervention. 


EBPP services improve security for both the business and customer, removing any human handling of discrete information. With paper checks, on the other hand, human handling creates fraud risk. Electronic Bill Payment Services must exist in a PCI compliant platform, meaning the sensitive data inputted by the customer simply isn’t available to the business or the employees in it. 

The Bottom Line

As trends and populations change, electronic solutions for payment will be unavoidable – and Electronic Bill Payments are one such solution that can help your business thrive. Agile Payments have been aiding businesses with payment solutions for almost two decades. Contact them today to discuss your needs.

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