What are the uses of propane?

What are the uses of propane?

Whenever you think of propane gas, your mind ventures into activities like camping or grilling. While it’s natural to feel good about the clean gas as you enjoy your time, you should be knowing about the other applications of propane too. This is actually a versatile source of energy, and not many individuals are aware of all its uses.

In this post, you will get to know the extensive range of applications of propane gas. Here, the experts have listed up both the domestic and commercial applications of propane. Depending on your needs, you can contact a propane gas supplier for timely refilling.

Domestic applications of propane gas

  1. Cooking

Propane finds extensive applications in ovens and cooktops. Due to its cost-effectiveness, safety, and eco-friendly nature, an increasing number of homes are gradually opting for this gas for cooking. Chefs, too, opt for propane gas for cooking rather than going for their electrical alternatives as they can cook faster.

In case you have an outdoor cooking unit or BBQ, propane gas would be a viable option. Moreover, propane gas is used in spit roasters, pizza ovens, and even large outdoor cooking appliances.

  1. Heating homes

One of the most popular applications of propane is its utility as a heating agent. In many homes, people use the gas as a heat generator. Using propane as a substitute for electricity would be a fantastic idea, considering the overall ambiance, warmth, and cost-effectiveness. 

Propane gas is also used for heating water traveling through pipes. You can use this heated water in-floor heating systems too.

Commercial applications of propane gas

Commercially, propane gas finds widespread applications, given that it reduces carbon monoxide generation by 80% and greenhouse gases by more than 50%. Here are some of the common uses of propane gas for commercial purposes.

  1. Manufacturing processes

An increasingly larger number of manufacturing facilities are using propane to power vehicles and generators. This gas also finds a valuable application in petrochemical industries, particularly in the manufacturing process of plastic.

Moreover, propane gas is necessary for companies making refrigerators as a refrigerant. Apart from this, the gas has several other applications in the manufacturing sector.

  1. Agricultural drying

In the agricultural sector, propane is used as a cost-effective fuel for irrigation pumps, flame weeding, and drying of crops. Among these, crop drying is the most relevant aspect where propane gas is needed. You should be aware of equipment like corn dryers, hay dryers, peanut dryers, soyabean dryers, and tobacco dryers, that operate on propane.

  1. Warehouses

In most modern warehouses, you will come across forklifts powered by propane gas. This significantly eases up the process of handling materials. Propane is a clean and efficient fuel, that makes it a reliable option for operating forklifts and space heaters. 

In case you decide to switch to propane to power your forklifts, make sure to deploy adequate power safety protocols when you store the cylinders. This would ensure safety for your workspace.

  1. Melting of metals

Considering all the liquified petroleum gases that you can use to melt metals, propane gas is the most common. It can help you reach temperatures as high as 1980 °C. besides, you can use propane in furnaces for melting metals such as brass, bronze, and aluminum. Besides, it proves to be handy when you need to melt jewelry and ornaments made of silver and gold.

 Now that you know the different applications of propane, it makes sense to switch to the clean and efficient fuel. Reach out to one of the reputed propane gas suppliers around, so that you get consistent access to the affordable fuel. Choose your supplier wisely, factoring in the delivery charges along with the actual cost of the fuel.

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