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What is Local SEO Strategy – Complete Guide To Local Search Engine Optimization 2021

When you are part of the competitive field especially in the digital world there are almost no strategies you can come up with and say NO. Yes, some strategies might work for you and some might not while some might give you more or fewer benefits.

What is a Local SEO Strategy?

A local SEO agency can increase the online visibility of your local businesses. It’s similar SEO, but with an added geographical component.

Specifically, you’re aiming to rank high in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for local searches

Similar to the world of coding and programmers which is so much hype in recent years where they have their own coding hierarchy and syntax, SEO is not less than programming as it has its own techniques and methodologies. I have heard many people say that SEO is easy and can be achieved easily but the scenario it’s not what it seems like. It quite requires a lot of patience, effort, and constant research work because obviously, you’ll not see instant results overnight.

So, if you’re a beginner or just struggling to boost your rankings, here is a local SEO guide that will definitely pop you up at the top of SERPs as per your leading SEO company is a concern.

Create a good content strategy

Posting new content and uploading it over the internet twice a week can be a part of a good content strategy. And as a matter of fact, how nice content you may have cannot be ranked overnight.

It will definitely require a certain period of time. It’s never a bad idea to update your existing work with popular trends. For instance, you have content with the topic Best smartphones in 2020, then you can update it into 2021 as we are just 2 months away from 2021. Or if you have content regarding DELL Inspiron 5000 series laptops, DELL has come up with new models of 6000 and 7000 series as well. So, you can update it with details of specifications and price ranges of these new models which will turn out really helpful for someone seeking the specifications of the laptops.

You can even take advantage of the reports and stats of Google Search Console and analyze your progress and determine the places where you need improvements and come up and work out with new strategies.

Focus on building more topic clusters

A topic cluster is one of the important components when it comes to content strategy. It is a process when you create sub-topics but relate it to the main topic which has a broad analysis of a certain specified topic. For instance, consider the following image. The following image is a simple example of topic clustering. Here, workout routines are the main topic and obviously, there are many workout plans and it can be performed in numerous ways.

Workout routines to lose fat or increase strength are related to workout routines and fall under the subtopic of workout routines. Working with such clusters will help you cover the specific area more proficiently and will enlighten your customers of you being expertise in the related field which is definitely a plus point for any professional SEO Company in Mumbai

Avoid mediocre content

There are times when your work really doesn’t show up as much progress as you expected and rather than updating it, creating a fresh one will save you up much time. In such condition, it’s a wise decision you conduct a content audit and collect the reports and if you figure out working on it is just a waste of time, simply get rid of it and create a fresh one or decide to keep, ameliorate or merge if you have similar ones depending upon the reports of a content audit.

Fix your keyword cannibalization issues if you have one

In short, keyword cannibalization means when you have multiple pages that have been optimized and targeted with the same keywords and possibilities of ranking in search engines. You can use tools like SEMrush to find such keywords which will give you results of pages or URLs that have been targeting the same keywords. Once you figure out you can solve these issues by opting for permanent 301 redirects or finding new keywords with less competition and high search volume.

Prioritize internal linking

As internal linking carries a crucial role in Off-Page SEO where you provide links in your content within the same domain. Topic clustering can be proficiently used to create more internal links. This can be a good strategy to shift traffic from high-quality pages to low-quality or less visible pages.

Maximizing SERP real estate

According to the reports of Moz, the first page that pops up at the top of SERPs tends to capture nearly 71% of organic clicks. For instance, use important targeted keywords to pop your Youtube video in SERP which will maximize your SERP real estate. Meaning that when we talk about real estate how do you determine how much real estate you have? An acre or square feet, right? Similarly, in SERPs, we determine it by pixels. The more pixels you occupy, the more probability of maximizing your SERP real estate.

In conclusion, these are some of the local SEO strategies that will help you boost your rankings. Besides these, optimizing images, using the right keywords, working on page responsiveness and speed as well as for opting simple user-friendly architecture are yet other factors that determine your website rankings in SERPs.

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