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5 questions to consider before pruning

Pruning involves a calculated mix of aesthetic sense and artistic skills. In the first place, you need to master the art before taking on the shears. With improper techniques, you might end up damaging your favorite plants. Ultimately, the lack of expertise might lead to structural instability and a decline in the health of plants. No wonder, why most households count on professional tree service providers for timely pruning. 

Things to consider before you prune your plants

Before you trim your plants, make sure to consider your overall goals. In this post, you will get to know certain questions, that will help you gain clarity about your pruning requirements.

  1. What type of plant has to be pruned?

It’s crucial to deploy the right method of pruning, choosing it from different techniques like topping, thinning, raising, or reduction. Experts can recommend the right technique after considering the type of plant you have in your garden. You might have an evergreen or deciduous plant. Besides, different techniques would be ideal for woody perennial plants, vines, trees, and shrubs. After evaluating the shape and natural size of the plant, the tree service providers would deploy the right method.

  1. When should you prune the plant?

Mostly, experts recommend pruning plants during the dormant season, or winter. Consulting the professionals, you need to determine the right time to trim your plant. Take care not to prune your plants during spring, when the sap in the trees keep rising. However, light pruning would be ideal at any time during the year, regardless of the season. It’s essential to eliminate the dead branches to keep your property and family safe.

  1. What is your overall aim?

In general, households prune their plants to keep them in good shape. Also, you would prioritize the aesthetics around your home, while keeping the driveway safe. Before trimming your plants, consult the tree service experts to determine how much you need to prune. Once you convey your goal to the professionals, they would recommend the right technique. Some households prune their plants to enhance fruit production, or simply eliminate dead stubs. A goal-oriented approach makes the process effective for your garden.

  1. Are you comfortable with DIY pruning?

Consider whether you have proper tools to prune your plants. In case you are going for DIY pruning, you should have sharp tools. Moreover, you must be confident in making the cuts in the right places. Otherwise, faulty pruning techniques might kill the plant. Make sure not to damage the branch collar, so that the branches do not sustain decay. Moreover, dull loppers or other tools might lead to damage, while delaying the process. Unless you have proper tools and know the right pruning technique, it’s wise to seek professional assistance.

  1. Do you know the plant’s growth pattern?

Professional pruning experts can come up with a solid structural foundation when the trees are young. This ensures that when the plant grows, you need not eliminate the larger branches. Evidently, you should be familiar with the growth pattern of your plant. Otherwise, when the plant matures, you may have to make a larger wound. Experts know how the trees would react when they make pruning cuts. This enables them to enhance the aesthetics of your garden.

When should you hire tree services?

You need to hire tree services for pruning every time you trim your plant. Given that pruning involves the use of specialized tools as well as expertise, it’s ideal to hire professionals for the task. After all, it is a part of the routine maintenance task in your garden. The experts would follow up at regular intervals to keep your garden in proper shape. It makes sense to work closely with the professionals, who would deploy the most appropriate techniques to prune your plants.

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