Arboriculture work in winter

Arboriculture work in winter

If you own a garden with large trees, hiring the services of an arborist in winter might be a logical decision.  An arborist is basically a tree surgeon, i.e., a highly trained specialist adept at managing and cultivating woody plants. They are trained specifically for the purpose and can work even in difficult conditions such as on the higher branches of the trees, close to power lines.

Why is winter the best time to hire an arborist?

While you may hire the services of an arborist at any time, winter is the best season for it. Getting the arboriculture work done in winter comes with several benefits.

  • Tree health: Cutting and trimming of trees generally leaves them vulnerable to the attack of bacteria and pests until the tree heals. However, most of these organisms are inactive due to the cold weather in winter, making it a safe time for arboriculture works.
  • Availability: Generally, the arborists are busier during the remaining time of the year. Hiring their services in winter would enable you to find skilled professionals without any hassle. Moreover, it also allows them to dedicate more time and focus better on the task at hand.
  • Higher visibility: Generally, the wounds and diseases on the branches are covered by the leaves, making them difficult to see. When the trees shed their leaves in winter, an arborist can identify these problems with ease.
  • Safety: Often, trees with weak wood tend to break due to the dryness, cold and snow in winter. This is a hazardous instance as it can injure people or cause damage to your property. Getting the weaker and dead branches trimmed at the onset of winter would therefore be a wise choice.

Hence, in most cases winter is the best time for you to hire an arborist. You might however want to make an exception in case of trees that flower in spring, as trimming the plants before the flowering season may affect the bloom. In these cases, the best time for arboriculture work would be right after the flowering season.

Why should you hire an arborist?

If you are new to maintaining such a garden, it is natural to wonder if it is necessary to hire an arborist at all. The answer is yes, as arborists are professionally trained professionals capable of carrying out the tasks properly.

  • Tree care: With their expertise, an arborist can take proper care of the health of your trees. An inexperienced person might end up cutting a branch in such a way that it would become impossible to heal, resulting in the rotting and even death of the tree. Professional care can ensure the long life of a tree.
  • Safety: Trimming a large tree is no easy task. Often, there are accidents such as branches or entire trees falling on houses while being cut by inexperienced people. An arborist would make sure to trim your trees in such a way that there is no loss of lives or property. This is even more applicable while transplanting large trees.
  • Proper equipment: Different types equipment are required for different tasks and tree types. It is unlikely that you would have all of them at home. Even if you manage to rent them, it would be a challenging task to identify the right equipment for the job or handle them properly. On the other hand, a professional arborist is well-equipped, knows to use the tools and has the necessary knowledge regarding the applications. 

Evidently, hiring an arborist is your safest and wisest option unless you yourself are experienced enough in the field. You may hire the services of a professional arborist to get your garden ready this winter.

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