How Beneficial it can be for your Retail businessto Have Barcode Scanner?

If this is your first time using a barcode reader, it can be difficult to choose the right model.

The reason is that there are many types of this barcode reader adapted to specific needs depending on the market vertical and needs.

Below we try to help you with some tips on how to choose a mobile barcode reader according to the way of working for your business.

The decision to purchase a barcode reader is not always easy. The main criterion on which you must base your option is the technology incorporated by them. The scanning technology can be laser (for linear codes) or imager (for 2D codes). In the case of barcode readers that use imager technology, they also have the advantage of reading barcodes on phone screens. You can buy the best barcode scanner in Mohali at the right price and offer!

Barcode reader – types

In fact, a barcode reader is also known as a barcode scanner. The first step in making the right choice is to understand exactly what you expect from such equipment. They differ depending on:

  • Scanning technology
  • Bar code symbology
  • Scanning surface
  • Mobility
  • Scan speed

Before you start your search, we advise you to answer a few questions:

  1. What type of environment will it work in: under normal conditions or in environments with extreme conditions (high humidity, very low temperatures or a lot of dust)?
  2. How long do you need to use it in a day?
  3. What types of barcodes will it be used for?
  4. What is the way of working?
  5. How will it be connected to the computer?

How powerful should a barcode reader be?

The “power” of a barcode reader is given by the scanning engine it is equipped with. But it also depends on the type of barcode to be scanned, and how robust the model chosen by the barcode reader needs to be.

The most popular online barcode reader is the laser, which can only read 1D barcodes, from distances of a few cm to 30 feet. Another feature of laser readers is that they can be used outdoors, laser beam  not being affected by sunlight.

Similarly we have a 1D imager laser barcode reader. The difference lies in the way the information is captured from the barcode.  If a laser barcode reader uses the light reflected by a diode to scan, the linear imager photographs the barcode to extract the information.  In addition, a barcode imager reader has the ability to scan poorly printed or damaged barcodes. They are ideal for goods stored in spaces exposed to harsher environmental conditions.

Note that most scanners can operate in any of the three modes, simply replace the interface cable and switch the scanner to the desired mode by reading the appropriate barcode in the instructions.

Connect the scanner to 1C: Enterprise.

Today it is difficult to imagine automating sales without a barcode scanner. Before connecting the scanner to the best POS system in Mohali you need to make sure that it works in the desired mode and, if necessary, configure it. What do we need? First, the scanner itself and the instructions for use, which contains barcodes, which the scanner reads in the desired manner. If this instruction is not included in the scanner, it must be obtained from the manufacturer’s or vendor’s website.

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