How to Improve Yield of Sativa Plants

How to Improve Yield of Sativa Plants

Once you plant marijuana seeds, you will probably have only one intention – the best plant yield. Everyone wants to have gigantic plants and abundant yields. Many cultivators and growers look to improve yield with each year’s harvest. Increasing your marijuana plant yields by changing a few key steps and facets can be a major help. This article explores some aspects used by experienced growers that have proven to work time and again and have been known to produce the best yields that the market can offer.


Sometimes plants struggle to grow and do not have the strength in order to support themselves. It is important to provide your plants with a structure that bears weight and can help them advance in a more advanced stage. Trellising is a great option to work with. This involves introducing wooden structures built to aid and guide the growth of plants. The material can sometimes be made from bamboo, wood and sometimes you can use metal. You can put these materials arranged in a mesh or as supportive rods. These rods help keep the plants separated from each other and sturdy whether the set up is vertical or horizontal. A bamboo rod is enough to ensure that the cannabis plants can continue growing upright.

Implementing the right growth strategy

Finding a cultivation strategy that works for you is critical as it helps make sure that your marijuana seeds grow and produce high-quality flowers in a short growing period. There is tons of information available online on expert strategies for cultivation of weed. It is not just about getting large plants but also ensuring that they actually produce good yields. Some growers have found that almost a third of plants can grow to monstrous sizes but still fail to produce healthy yields. Thus find that strategy that works perfectly for you.

Plant training

Once you find those pot seeds for sale onlineand get the option that tickles your fancy, the next thing would be to do some plant training. Physical development of plants growth can be hindered by branches interlocking from uneven and untidy growth. Put your plant through low-stress training will reduce this strain. Low-stress training is where the main stem is separated from the side branches using a string. This allows the plant to grow outwards and avoid overlapping. It helps greatly in cultivation of plants that tend to become very large.

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