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All you need to know about Golfers gear

Golf is a club-and-ball sport where players use various clubs to hit the ball into a series of holes in the course with a little stroke as possible. Golf, unlike most ball games, cannot and does not utilize standard play areas, and overcoming various fields encountered in different courses is an important part of the game. Each hole in the course must contain teeing land to start, and place the green containing the actual hole or cup of 4 + 1/4 inches in diameter (11 cm). All these equipment are stored and carried all together by the golfers in a bag which is famously known as the Golfers gear.

Gears used in the game

Golf Clubs

Every player carries several types of golf clubs during the game. Golf clubs are one of the essential parts of Golfers gear. The wood club is used for the long shots from rough surfaces or fairway. A new hybrid type of club is used for long shots from the complex surfaces in which wooden clubs may have problems. Putter clubs are primarily used in the green area. The player can choose any club which is suitable for him according to the shot.

Ball markers

A ball marker is used when the ball is picked up when it is coming in the area of the opponent’s putting line. Markers are placed at the ball position, and then the ball is picked up so that the linesman will mark the ball position. Ball marker is having an essential role in the accessories of Golfers gear. 

Golf tee

 In golf, A tee is a plastic object which is allowed for the player in his first stroke. The tee is pushed into the ground, and then the ball is placed above, then the player strikes the ball quickly. The length of the tee varies from each other and according to the ground also. Short tees tend to break down after using 5 to 10 matches but extended stays more than it. 

Golf bag

The golf bag is an essential thing for every golf player, and it is included in every Golfers gear. Every golfer transports his bags to the place where his match is scheduled. The new modern bags are made up of nylon, canvas, leather, plastic parts, and their frame. But the old golf bags were very much heavy than the new ones. Golfs bags are specially designed for having lots of pocket in it to store everything which are necessary. There are different golf bags like cart bags, staff bags, travel bags, Sunday bags, stand bags. These bags have different uses, as their name suggests.

Golf cart

The golf cart is those carts that are used for the transportation of golf bags. It is also listed in the Golfers Gear. After each shot, the player has to travel a distance and taking everything by hand is not much possible. In those areas, the player takes an assistant with him, and he takes the responsibility to transport the golf bag safely.

Clubhead covers

Clubhead covers save the club from damage while in the Golf bag. As in the bag lot of things will be placed along which other clubs will be there. So it is one of the protection for the club. It is also added to the essential instrument of Golfers Gear. 

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