How Can Digital Enterprise Management Change Project Management?

How Can Digital Enterprise Management Change Project Management?

Information technology (IT) was an efficient player. Then came social media, along with smartphones and the cloud. The scenario has radically changed how businesses are done, forcing every business to become a digital business. However, not every company is becoming digital; some are still understanding “What is Digital Transformation?” Digital transformation, at its core, is defined as the incorporation of digital technology into all aspects of a business, fundamentally changing the operations and delivering value to its customers. The full-scale “digital transformation” is critical as it can cause significant disruptions in business practices and processes and necessitates cultural changes in the company. To remain competitive in the digital age, companies invest in automation and workflow technology and transform project management roles.

Digital transformation is not something to be feared. Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort and empowers you to manage your teams better, deliver projects efficiently and serve your clients and customers effectively. With these in mind, let us look at how digital enterprise management is changing project management.

  • Asynchronous and Strategic Communication

One of the most significant areas where digital enterprise management is redefining project management is the asynchronous communication among project team members. Earlier communication used to occur in meetings or through emails, but the availability of collaborative work management software allows team members and co-workers to engage, connect and interact virtually. This shift has increased the efficiency of intra-work communication.

  • More Collaboration and Ownership

Strategic and effective communication and modern digital technologies are making it easier for project teams to collaborate. It helps the executives, team members and project managers to add their comments, assign tasks, approve assets, organize dashboards and handle everything related to the project all in one convenient solution. It inevitably leads to a greater sense of shared ownership to foster a synergistic environment. The collaborative effort shows greater engagement and higher success rates.

  • Greater Results

Digital transformation has gotten much better over how project management is done. It automates workflows and helps project managers to focus more on strategy optimization and project delivery. With more digital technologies in place, project managers are viewed more as strategic leaders in their organizations. The automated processes at the disposal of project managers help them deliver better outcomes in the projects.

  • Analytics

The fourth way digital enterprise management is affecting project management is the impact of numbers on decision-making. Project management is getting more analytics-driven. The digital workflows are opening doors for project managers to track and quantify the work being performed. In contrast, Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it easier for project managers to use the data in creative ways. Digital transformation has increased the scope for learning on numeric data. 

  • Remote Teams

The plethora of digital enterprise management platforms with video conferencing resulting from digital processes has meant an increase in remote work. Some companies even work entirely from distributed teams.

As technology continues to advance exponentially, organizations need to adapt to digital transformation or get left behind. Change is not always easy, but if it’s contributing to your company’s success, projects, team members, self-imposed digital transformation is worth it in the long run. The implementation of a digital transformation strategy has shown increased performance and revenues. It helps to streamline communication, collaboration and shifts your focus from project process to design and outcomes. It also allows team members to be happier, fulfilled and productive. To learn more about how organizations can embrace digital transformations to become more adaptable and agile, enrol into IIM One-Year courses in digital enterprise management. The first-ever one-year MBA in digital enterprise management allows students to make data-driven decisions and lead complex teams in digital environments.                  

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