Wireless Security Cameras for your Home: Choose from these 5

Wireless Security Cameras for your Home: Choose from these 5

Wireless security cameras have not only made security cameras more accessible, but it has also helped in widening its scope of usage. Not just for security, but many people also use these cameras for monitoring activities at home when away. Keep reading to find out about five different types of wireless or IP cameras in this post.

CCTV cameras are the most commonly used protection systems in the modern-day world. From protecting commercial shops and malls to even households, they add a layer of protection. Moreover, in households, CCTV cameras are not just used for security but also for monitoring purposes. For instance, many people install cameras to monitor their children when they are not at home or keeping a close watch on senior citizens living alone.

Wireless or IP CCTV cameras have made it possible for people to monitor their homes while being miles away with the help of an app. There are different types of wireless cameras with flexible designs that cater to the user’s specific needs. However, you can often get confused about which security camera to purchase since many options are available. Here are the five best wireless security cameras and their unique features-

  1. Dome Cameras: As the name suggests, these cameras are dome-shaped and are usually ceiling bound or suspended from the wall. They are fixed and have to be re-installed to change the direction of the recording view. However, these cameras usually come with pan and tilt support providing wider coverage. Moreover, dome cameras have the advantage of going unnoticed due to their shape and compact size, making it ideal for household purpose and front door surveillance. They provide a high field of resolution and are used for short-but-wide range surveillance purposes.
  2. Bullet Cameras: As the name suggests, bullet cameras are cylindrical with an extended lip protecting its lens, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. The camera can withstand rough environmental conditions and provides a long-range view with a high field of resolution. Although bullet cameras are easily visible, their direction can be adjusted by tilting them manually to change the area you want to cover. They are great for covering driveways, entry points of your home, backyards, etc.
  3. PTZ Security Cameras: PTZ or Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras are among the most efficient and cost-effective security cameras that provide a wide range of surveillance. Ideal for airports, casinos, malls, ports etc., PTZ IP cameras are also great for households as they enable you to quickly, pan, tilt, or zoom to any location in the covering range from any location with the help of the internet. The technology lets you dot down any particular suspicious activity which is recorded in the area with details that may go unnoticed by human-eye! These are great for covering living rooms and dining areas and if you want to install a camera for overseeing your children’s activity.
  4. Fisheye Cameras: Fisheye or panoramic cameras are generally used to cover a wide-angle and hence come in 180- or 360-degree models. They are famous for their ultra-wide lens covering a large angle and also provides great image quality. While they may seem quite similar to dome cameras, they are usually sleeker in design. However, they don’t have a cover over the lens, making it easier for anyone to identify the direction where the camera is pointed.
  5. IR/ Night -Vision Cameras: Infrared or Night-vision cameras are built to provide surveillance in low light conditions. These cameras can provide security footage in pitch black conditions and hence are ideal for outdoor use where natural light may not be available at all times. They can be great at homes for monitoring your ailing parents or your children when they are sleeping.

When looking for a wireless security camera for your home, it is vital to identify the purpose of installing the camera in the first place. Apart from that, other factors such as the location of installation, desired coverage area and budget can help you choose the right wireless camera. Choose one from the list mentioned here and secure your home and your loved ones today.

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