The main plumbing problems

The main plumbing problems

Leaking pipes or faucets, low water pressure, clogged toilets and drains, or a continuously running toilet: plumbing problems can assume any intensity and come in all shapes. Well, the problem with most plumbing problems is that, they manage to go unnoticed for long. By the time you notice the defect, you either have huge water bills staring at your wallet, or messy washrooms with overflowing water. Moreover, ignoring plumbing problems may inflict your property with significant structural damage. When you know it’s there, it would be logical to get these issues fixed and secure yourself from long-term expenses.

In this post, you will come to know about the key plumbing issues that your household might be facing. While you can fix some by yourself, most of these glitches call for professional attention.

The most common plumbing problems in domestic and commercial spaces

  1. Dripping faucets

Well, sometimes you get habituated with that rhythmic and persistent tone. It seems to get embedded in your head. In the end, you end up paying for hundreds of gallons of water that just drained out. Dripping faucets are common, and these gears tend to aggravate over time.

Mostly, the issue lies in the internal washers, which might be dislodged, worn, become stiff, or suffered damage on consistent use. Often, households use some basic tools along with their DIY skills to get them fixed. However, you may hire a reputed plumber to get the issue fixed, particularly if there are other underlying causes.

  • Old Cartridge

The aerator happens to be another common contributor to plumbingissues, particularly leaks. This mesh filter is present at one side of the spigot. It gets clogged up due to mineral deposits over time. As these clogs exert pressure on the gaskets and seals, you eventually lose water pressure. So, hire a professionalplumber every couple of years to get your old cartridge replaced.

  • Slow draining sink or drains

Your sinks tend to drain out the water slower than expected when a blockage restricts the flow of water. For bathroom sinks, knotted hair and mostly soap commonly contribute to the blockage. However, your kitchen sink may develop a blockage due to the presence of food elements and congealed fat in the drain pipe.

The common DIY method to fix this issue is to pour vinegar or baking soda down the drain. You might also purchase a chemical clog remover or try removing the clog using a plunger. However, when you find these tactics futile, make sure to hire a plumber before the blockage renders your sinks and drains useless.

  • Clogged toilet

Well, there’s hardly anything messier than a clogged toilet, with the toilet bowl filling up. Generally, putting toilet paper down the drain results in this type of blockage. These papers mix with human waste to clog the passage.

You might try clearing the drainpipe with a plunger, drain auger, or sewer snake. However, considering the value of professionalism, it is logical to get the messier things cleared by your local plumber.

  • Faulty heater

It’s frustrating to discover that the water has turned cold while the shower keeps drenching you. Several factors can lead to a faulty heater. A sediment build-up in your tank, or problems in the pilot light may result in malfunctioning heaters. In other situations, the problem lies in your thermostat.

Unless the problem is crude enough, it’s wise to hire a professional plumbing company. Experienced staff can take care of your water heater, inspecting and maintaining the appliance.

Other plumbing issues you might encounter

  • Running toilet
  • Blocked shower drain
  • Blocked sewer
  • Leaking pipes
  • Low water pressure
  • Rattling pipes

Remember, ignoring apparently insignificant plumbing issues can lead to heavy expenses and excessive water bills, that you would repent shelling out later. Once you sense anything wrong with your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to get it inspected by a professional plumbing company. After all, experience has its value, and you must capitalize on the same.

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